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Brandon Mull

Brandon Mull is most widely known as the author of the New York Times Bestselling Series, Fablehaven. The series follows teenagers Kendra and Seth Sorenson as they attempt to stop the Society of the Evening Star from opening the legendary demon prison, Zzyzx. Mull recently confirmed that there will be a second, spin-off, Fablehaven series, titled Dragonwatch, to be released in 2016.

Mull is also the author of the Beyonders Series. A trilogy send in an alternate world, Lyrian, it follows Jason and Rachel as they attempt to bring down a tyranical wizard, Maldor, and save the world of Lyrian. He is also the author of the Candy Shop War and the Arcade Catastrophe, about a group of friends and magic candy.

Most recently, Mull is the author of the Five Kingdoms series. It follows Cole Randolph as he tries to rescue his friends from life from the Outskirts. But when he meets up with and befriends a princess full of magical power, he is forced to put his quest on hold while and aid her in finding her fellow sisters and defeating the High King. The third book in the series will be released on March 17.

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Featured Book


Kathy Reichs

Its been some time since Tory Brennan and her friends, Hi, Shelton, and Ben, contracted the supervirus, Parvo XPB-19, and became virals. Since then, they have been forced to keep their powers a secret; from their friend, their families, everyone. But now, the game has changed. And their very existence and freedom is at threat.

A new pack of virals had moved into Charleston. And they're not there to play games. They wish to remove Tory's pack from the area forever.

But these aren't normal virals. They are more powerful. They're faster, stronger...smarter. And that's not all. A government agency is tracking them. Hunting them. Wishing to turn them into lab rats. Wishing to find out the secrets of their condition. The secrets of being viral.

With a new, stronger pack in town, and government agents after them, Tory and her pack face their greatest challenge, in this epic conclusion to the Virals series.

Featured Movie


The factions system is breaking. Divergence is growing. The threat of anarchy overtaking society is on the rise. And its up to Beatrice Prior to stop it.

Erudite leader, Jeanine Matthews, is trying to stop it too. But her methods are very different. To her, the problem is not the system. The problem is divergence. She wishes to eliminate that threat. To eliminate the divergents.

Can Tris and Four stop Jeanine before she goes through with her plan? Or will Erudite succeed in eliminating Divergents, and free-will, from the system forever?


Insurgent is set to be released on March 20

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