Ranger's Apprentice: Halt's Peril


With King Ferris dead, and Tennyson on the run, Will, Halt, and Horace must find a way to break down the Outsiders cult and lay ruin to their plans.

But when Will and Halt are confronted by the two remaining Genovesan assassains, the stakes become very high.

With Halt incompacitated, and on the verge of death, the senior Rangers' only hope lies in the hands of his former apprentice and the foremost young knight in Araluen. But what can be done for Halt when the only person who can heal him lives two days away?







This was one of the better books in the series (proably number 4). The stakes throughout were high, especially since Will and Horace had to deal with keeping Halt alive and make sure the Outsiders didn't get too far away. Beyond that, the book was all around exciting.

And now onto the analysis ...


While this book was extrenely good and exciting, there aren't a lot of discussion points really.

The first was Halt's negotiating skills with the O'Malley character at the beginning. How many people can walk into a bar as a stranger and threaten the life of the meanest person inside. Halt only. Not even Will has developed that skill yet. He layed the whole situation out very nicely and brought up the very nice point that while O'Malley might not tell him where he took Tennyson, there were others who would. And so he gains the information they needed with relative ease.

But of course, the Black O'Malley couldn't let some stranger abuse him like that. So he thinks it a good idea to try and attack the ship they are using for transport. At least ... until Halt and Will shoot down half of his crew from fifty yards. Then it didn't look like such a good idea. And so the Ranger Corps disposes of yet another local "criminal".


The next point of interest was whether or not Halt was actually bluffing about burning down the Araluen farm after its owner yelled at him for releasing all of their cattle. I think he was probably bluffing as he said it, but if the conversation kept going as it was, it wouldn't have surprised me if he actually did. He probably has the authority too anyway.


And now onto the Genovesan hunt. First, Halt's plan pretty much worked to a tee, except for him getting shot and one of the Genovesan's getting away. But thank god the one did get away. Or therer would no longer be a Halt. The only real mistake in the plan was, as Will thought, that they shot at the same Genovesan. But again, thank god they did. And also thank god that the arrow only grazed Halt's arm, or else Malcolm would not have had time to save him. That's a lot of "thank god"'s, and also a lot of helpful coincidences, like in book 4, and 6, and 10. So my four favorite book in the series have lots of helpful coincidences. Coincidence??


Next, Halt's delirious talking. It is during one of these delirious speeches that Halt makes a very interesting statement. While talking to Horace, who he thinks is Crowley, he says that a) Will is one of the best rangers in the kingdom ... and b) that he and Horace may very well be the future of Araluen. We see that both these statemnts become more true in the next book, as well as in book 12.


Then ... the ordeal with capturing the last Genovesan. Will actually captured the character relatively easily. But then the fun came about. After being interrogated about the origin of the poison that he used on his arrows, the assassain claims to have forgotten which flower he made the poison from. At least until Hoarce stabs him with one of his own arrows ... then he conveniently remembers.

What wonders poison works.


And that leaves just the final "battle" to discuss. First off, the "battle" was fairly anticlimacitc. Will just threw some of Malcolm's explosive balls at the rock wall and everything collapsed. It was however very efficient. So I guess it served its purpose.


This was, for awhile, considered to be the penultimate book in the series, but as we all now know, 12 books were made. So continue on for another epic battle in book 10, The Emperor of Nihon-Ja.