Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison


The Sands of Sanctity, the Chronometer, and the Oculus have all been found. And the key to the Translocator is in the posession of the Knights of the Dawn.

Now, with the Society nearing the end of the giant game that is opening Zzyzx, the Knights must procure the Translocator at all costs. But when everything goes wrong, Seth find out that the Sphinx is much closer than anyone ever believed to opening the demon prison.

With the threat of destruction looming, Kendra, Seth, and the Knights of the Dawn have one last desparate gamble to try.

Will the Sphinx open Zzyzx and unleash destruction across the world? Or will the Knights of the Dawn save the world yet again?








The finale has finally come. The Sphinx has the Sands of the Sanctity and the Oculus. Plus, he has lead us to believe that he knows that the Chronometer is at Fablehaven. That leaves the balance of artifacts at 2:1 the Society. But, the mission to Wyrmroost was a success. Now, the Knights of the Dawn can go after the Translocator. But that still leves one artifact missing. And the location of the preserve is not even known. And all of that, coupled with the imminant betrayal by Graulus, makes Keys to the Demon Prison one of the best solo books I have ever read (its up there with some of Riordan's books).


Now the analysis.


The book begins with Seth following his normal actions: going to see a demon. Graulus had summoned him again for a seemingly final conversation. The demon tells Seth that he is dying and that should he regather the Sands of Sanctity from the Society he would like for Seth to come and use the Sands to alleviate some of the suffereing he was dealing with. Seth being Seth, he excepts before considering all of the repercussions that healing the demon could bring. He soons find out however.


Now, with the Translocator key in hand, the Knights of the Dawn are pursuing the Translocator; hoping they can obtain the artifact before the Society.

The Transocator is hidden on a preserve called Obsidian Waste in the Australian Outback. Now, with four hidden preserves discussed throughout the books, we can see that whoever made the secret preserves decided on seemingly inhospitable environments. Two are in deserts. One is in the middle of the Amazon. And Fablehaven, was actually the second home for the SoS. Good job founders of Zzyzx.

Obsidian Waste appears to be home to many interesting species including Tasmania Tigers, of Thyclaines, Yowies, and several other Autsralian beasts. Not to mention the maginficent dreamstone that rises out of the middle of the preserve.

Made of some sort of magically reinforced rock, the dreamstone was the house of the artifact. Like the inverted tower at Fablehaven, or Painted Mesa, at Lost Mesa. It might be made of obsidian, as the name of the preserve suggest, but I'm not entirely sure. But it sure made it a fun time getting through to the artifact.


The stone started off with passaged ending in dead ends no matter which way you go. While intimidating, seemingly, eventually you get to the first challenege room, so not necessarily the best move on the dreamstone maker. Then again, they may have been acting like the Hydra in the Dragon Temple. Not being used to stop an entrance but to stop any exit. According to Mara, it would probably be very difficult to get back out of the dreamstone once inside.

The first challenge room (equivalent to the fighting room in the Inverted Tower) seemed a little bit to easy. While figuing out that you had to make a statue to fight the other one may have been difficult for some, once you realized there was a key hole in the far wall, it wouldn't be too hard to get to it while avoiding the statue. Especially if you statue was still in play, like in this case. Again, not the best move onf the dreamstone founder.

The next room is a different story all together. I thought the water room was a brilliant trap. The searing water would make it difficult to get to the island with the keyhole to begin with. Then when the key had been used, the water that rushed in would push everyone into the still scalding water. Probably killing them (good thing Tanu has fire resisitant potions). Then the riseing water level would cause panic to set in and stop anyone from finding the keyhole at the end of the offshoot of the chimney. And after thats done, anyone not paying attentio would get frozen by the rapidly cooling water. In essence, this room was the perfect death trap. The knights are lucky they only lost Vincent in there. They all could have very easily persihed inside that room. (I would like to know if the room reset for the Soceity people following them through the dreamstone.)

And with that left only some more confusing passages and then the vault. This vault was much better than the cat from Fablehaven. Two metal bulls patrolling around a metal lion that had a keyhole in its jaw. Whats better than that. Of course it got a lot more difficult when Torina, the Grey Assassin, and some more Society people arrived.

Torina shot Seth through the chest with an arrow. A minute later, Mara pulls the Translocator out of the remains of the key (yes the Translocator was INSIDE the key. Like a russion nesting dolls time thing.). Elise, Trask, and Kendra teleport away, leaving Tanu, Seth (in gaseous form), and Mara back withe Soceity. Trask return to grab the rest of them but only gets Tanu. He reports that wizard, Mirav, had captured Seth into a bottle. Tanu claims that will keep him alive because he will not be able to disperse or reform while confined.

But in essence, the trip to Obsidian Waste had been a success. Yes, Seth and Mara and Berrigan have been captured, but the Translocator was obtained. So the game is tied at two all now. Leaving only, the fifth, unknown, secret preserve left. And the Font of Immortality with it.


Speakinng of the Translocator. It is described as a platinum cylinder that has three rotating sections. The person holding the middle section controls the destination that they and two companions can travel too. The only restriction is that they can only travel to somewher they have previously been. So no traveling to the Font of Immortality and bypassing all of the traps. (Boooo!!!)


And now is where we learn a great deal about severl subjects. Including the history of the Sphinx, the final artifact, the fifth secret preserve, shadow charming, and the ultimate plan behind opening Zzyzx.

After being captured, Seth is taken to a preserve in Turkey called Living Mirage. This is the fifth and final secret preserve. And also the home of the Sphinx. Yes. The Sphinx lives in the fifth secret preserve. And has been for hundreds and hundreds of years. He claims he came as a slave and eventually overthrew the caretakers and took control of the preserve himself. Along the way, he learned of the artifact hidden on the preserve, and an ancient demon known as Nagi Luna. The demon became his guide in life and eventually lead him to finding the final artifact. The Font of Immortality. Yes. The Sphinx already has the final artifact. And has for hundreds and hundreds of years. It is what has allowed him to live for so long. A sip the artifact, which is made from the horn of a unicorn, lengthens the drinkers lifespan. Indefinantly presumably. So now, the Society had three of the five artifacts and knows the Knights and Fablehaven guard the final two. All of the artifacts have been uncovered and the location of them is known. That is very dangerous. But even more so, when the Sphinx reveals that he is essentially following the lead of a demon. Nagi Luna. The Sphinx also reveals one last bit of information. He reveals that he is a Shadow Charmer. This is not particularly imoprtant to the book. Just an interesting fact.


Now, with Seth being a prisoner, he is transported to a dunegon cell. There he meets a peculiur charcacter. Bracken.

Bracken essentially just walks into Seth's cell via a hidden passage. Seth assumes that he is an operative for the Sphinx trying to convince him to do something. Turns out. Bracken's a unicorn. Yah. A unicorn. His third horn was used to craft the Font of Immortality and that stuck him in his human form. Yet he still retains some of his powers. Like minor healing. The ability to rig his cell to see if there is an intruder. The ability to make coins you can communicate with. And the ability to read motives and emotions. That comes in handy many times.


Afterwards, (the exact amount of time is unknown to me) Seth is taken by the Sphinx to see Nagi Luna. The demon is confined to a quiet box by a "ring of constraint" which severely limits her powers. Nether-the-less, she attempts to get Seth to overthrow the Sphinx and free her; claiming that she will make him the most powerful shadow charmer on Earth. Luckily, Seth remains intelligent and doesn't concede to those wishes; even though killing the Sphinx would probably destroy the Society and allow for the artifacts to be rehidden. This meeting does serve a purpose down the road. A very, very important one.


Meanwhile, back at Fablehaven the time has come to open the Doomsday capsule. Inside are instrcutions on how to use the Chronometer to go back in time and commune with Patton. In this meeting, some very key information is given. Patton tells that their five beings called Eternals that must be killed before Zzyzx could be opened. He says he has no knowledge of the final preserve of the object found there. He says that the Singing Sisters may be able to tell of its location but Grandma and Grandpa say that they will only go to them as a very last resort. Patton also recommends trying to get Vanessa to reveal that one bid secret she still has.


That task falls on Kendra's head. But she gets nothing out of Vanessa, who claims that telling anyone would endanger everyone.


With Vanessa quiet, Kendra goes with Warren and Tanu to a preserve to commune with the Fairy Queen. There she is given the ability to restore the astrids to their true forms. While this doesn't sound like much of a help, lets all remember that they were once the prize guard of the Fairy King. They know how to fight. They could come in helpful (and they do, later).


Some days later, in the middle of the night, Vanessa reveals her secret. A masked figure and dward come to the house. Everyone goes into the past using the Chronometer, to talk with this stranger. It turns out, the person is Kendra and Seth's Grandma Larson. Someone everyone thought had dies after inhaling poisonous gasses at a trailer park several years ago. It turns out that they had both been working as spies for the Knights within the Soceity of the Evening Star. And that Grandpa Larson was actually the interim cartetaker of Lving Mirage when the Sphinx was away. As well as the fact that they had a plan to rescue Seth, Mara, Maddox, and Berrigan and swipe several if not all of the artifacts from the Sphinx. It was a winner take all plan. If they suceeded, they would have all a majority of the artifacts and several operatives back (and if they swiped the Font of Immortality, the Sphinx could be dead in a week). But if they failed, everyone would be captured and the Sphinx would obtain the Translocator. And with the Translocator, he would very easily be able to get to the Chronometer. Giving him all of the artifacts.

They decide to go with the plan. Which goes horribly wrong in like two seconds. The dwarf which would be getting them into the preserve was a traitor and instead brought Society guards to the Fablehaven house. Everyone was captured as was the Translocator. They had failed before they had even begun.


And it is here where we learn the true genius behind the Sphinx. Now with all of the artifacts, the Sphinx informs Kendra of his full plan to open the demon prison. Here's teh summary: 1) obtain all of the artifacts 2) destroy the eternals. Two are already gone and the location of the remaining three would be able to be discerned with the Oculus. 3) go back in time to when Zzyzx was last opened (it opens once every thousand years) and enter the prison 4) use the translocator to enter Zzyzx a second time WITH the artifacts 5) heal himself using the Sands from the plague that infests the prison 6) send in a set of plants to clean the area and destroy the plague 7) barter with the demons. If they fail to agree with his terms, close the prison and walk away (not likely) 8) unleash the demons under his terms.

That is one well thought out plan. With it he explains the importance of each artifact (like they really needed a purpose). The Oculus was for finding the remaining artifacts and the location of the eternals. The Translocator was for easy access to the prison. Shorless Isle, the location of the prison, is protected by the most potent distractor spell known. It is what makes the Bermuda Triangle so hazardous. The Chronometer was to allow for you to go back and enter the prison when it is open in the past. The Sands were to allow you to live through the plague inside Zzyzx. And the Font of Immortality was what makes all of his plan possible. It allows one the time to find all of the artifacts and completely solve the puzzle behind Zzyzx.

With that, he sends Kendra to a prison cell, promising to free her family once the prison is open.


But something else strange is going on at Living Mirage. In all of the commotin, Hank Larson has been able to grab the Sands of Sanctity and the Translocator. He gave them to Seth inside his cell with the instructions to use them to escape. But Seth had nobler intentions. He used the Translocator to teleport to the Sphinx's office, in hopes of swiping the other artifacts. But they had already been hidden. Or removed. Admitting defeat, he teleports back to Graulu's cave, planning on using the Sands to complete his promise to the dying demon. BIG MISTAKE.


While it was noble to try to help the demon, Seth failed to remember that a demon is a demon. Evil to the core, Graulus himself admitted it. But Seth had to try to help. He teleported to the demon's cave and healed Graulus. And the demon turned on him. He swiped the Sands and Translocator, told Seth he was too trusting, that he and Nagi Luna were about to take over the Society of the Evening Star and open the demon prison on their terms, and the left. Graulus went to the house and overthrew the foundational treaty of Fablehaven plunging the preserve into darkness. And with it, he swiped the Chronometer from Coulter. The Society now had all of the artifacts, and was under the control of two of the more powerful demons to have ever lived. All thanks to Seth.

Thankfully, when Seth finds Coulter minutes from death at the ruins of house, he learns that trusting demons is never a good idea.


While all of this is going on at Fablehaven, Kendra is given the chance to make the fastest escape from Living Miarge's dungeon in history. Several days faster than Seth's escape. And this is all thank you to Warren and the Sphinx. As it turns out, Graulus overthrew the Sphinx for control of the Soceity which turned the Sphinx into a friend of the knights. He believed that only he should be allowed to open the demon prison, and now that he was not in control to he felt the need to stop Graulus and Nagi Luna from doing so.

So he gave Warren access to a secret passageway out of the dungeons. Warren gathered Kendra and Bracken (Kendra knows of Bracken's status as a unicorn at this point) and lead them out of the dungeon and onto the preserve of Living Mirage. Luckily for them, the Sphinx appeared to retain some control at the preserve and lead search parties away from the three escapees. But there ate much more dangerous things in Living Mirage than some patrols. Things like the Beckoning Grove.

Now this is another place where we see Brandon Mull's imagination run wild. The beckoning grove was a forest of trees with fruits that overpowered you sense of smell, causing you to eat them and then die from the poison inside. According to Warren, some would burn you alive, some would liquify, and some would kill you like any other poison. And of course they have to walk through the grove to get to their destination, a sealed shrine of the Fairy Queen. Getting through the grove actually went better than I anticipated. Normally I would have expected both Warren and Kendra to be seconds away from eating some fruit when Bracken comes and saves them from doing so. Instead, the closest anyone got was Warren was Bracken was dragging him through the end of the grove. I would say it went pretty well.

With the Bekoining Grove out of the way, the trhee of them make it to the sealed shrine. They have to ward off a sphinx (a typical one that asks riddles), but that wasn't much of problem for Bracken. So he and Kendra enter the shrine (Warren is standing guard outside) and ask the Fairy Queen for help getting them off the preserve. In response, she sends Raxtus to them.

And not too terribly long later they are out of Living Mirage with only Warren worse for the wear (clawed by Harpies). Now their new mission will be to save the three remaining eternals from Graulus and Nagi Luna.


Back at Fablehaven, Coulter tells Seth that Patton left him some instructions in the Old manor. Seth goes and finds said instructions. They tell him of a possible way to at least hope for some survival against the demon horde in Zzyzx. He instructs Seth to try to find the sword Vasilis. Its supposedly some ultra-powerful blade that reflects the heart of the wielder. Patton claims that it could be a formiddable weapon in his hands. He says that the Singing Sisters may be the only way to find the blade. And even though their price is high, he may not live through the encounter with the demosn anyway, so long as he finds the blade he could at least do some damage. And finally, Patton tells Seth to a) free Vanessa and b) get the Leprechaun Cormac to give him back a bell, whistle, and music box that Patton had left with him. All in all, the directions are specific and dangerous. Any number of things could go wrong at any of the points. But these are desparate times. And desparate times call for desparate measures.

And so Seth begins his search for Vasilis.

But first, Vanessa. Seth goes to the Fablehaven dungeon and frees Vanessa from the Quiet Box (she had temporarily been put back in to make space for Grandma Larson), using the Kendra stingbulb to do the switch.

He then goes to the Hall of Dread and summons three wraiths. This where stuff gets dicey. This is the same wraith that volunteered to sever him in book four. Before releasing him, Seth goes through all of the restrictions of his freedom, et cetera and just before he is released, Vanessa asks him to ask if the wraith is alone in his cell. Turn our. No. He wasn't. The wraith had set an elaborate trap to gain freedom. Get Seth to free him and then send his buddy wraiths to kill him, freeing all of them at once. Good thing Vanessa had some dealings with wraiths in the past. Otherwise, the world would have been done before it even started.

The next point. Cormac. The satyrs, who had agreed to help Seth for a flat-screen tv and generator (they really like tv, huh?), set a trap for the leprechaun. Patton had warned that while leprechauns are smart (the same trap won't fool the same onne twice), they have a particular weakness for gold and wine. And thus the bait is set. Pretty soon, following Patton's specific instrcutions to a tee (you could see that Patton had obviously caught a fair few leprechaun's in his day), the group got out of the leperechaun's home with the bell, whistle, and music box left by Patton. Unfortunately, they walked out into a group of centaurs.


The cenaturs had warned Seth to be off Fablehaven land by sundown that day. But when he released the wraiths, the Centaur's saw it as an act of war and decided to deal with him accordingly (even though his death would probably let the wraiths roam free and terrorize everyone). (WHY, the centuars saw themselves as the caretakers of Fablehaven while the treaty had been destroyed, I don't know. But we all know centauts, thinking their the best at everything.)


But Vanessa dealt with them all easily enough. A few blow darts later and all of the centaurs were on the ground asleep. Thanks you, sleeping potion from Glomnus the Dragon. Vanessa then bit all of the centaurs (not her best move) and then inhabited one of them (also not the best move). While that could have been helpful in some circumstance, this is not one of them Vanessa.


So NOW, Seth, Vanessa, Newel, and Doren all set off for the Singing Sisters and the quest to find Vaislis.


But meanwhile, Kendra, Bracken, Warren, and Raxtus are all trying to protect the Eternals. A group of five people that could only be killed by extreme magic. Dragon fire. Phoenix tears. Et cetera. They were the final lock on the prison.

They shouldn't have necesarilly called them eternals because they could die, but they had lived as long as the prison had stood. So in essence they were eternal. Probably thousands of years old or something like that.

The sphinx revealed that one, Roon Osrcison, was living in Norway. Knowing that, they travel there first to find him already dead. His guardian cat, Niko aided them in finding the rest of the eternals. One resided in California, and a second in Texas.

The one in Cali. was named Mark. And this is where we get some good thoughts about duty and sacrifice and the importance of prisons. Mark apparently wanted out of his life sentence as an Eternal. He recognized that he had made a mistake in taking the role of a lock on the demon prison, but he didn't care anymore. He wanted to die. Bracken tried to talk him out of it but in the end, Mark just fled. This where Bracken gives us a good thought about prisons. He says that while prisons are confineing to the person inside, they serve the role of protecting the innocent public from the person. And thats exactly what needed to be done with Mark. He had become a danger to the public and needed to be locked away. At Wyrmroost. That was the final plan. Send the remaining eternals to Wyrmroost and hope the Society wouldn't be able to break in. Too bad Mark died before that ever happened.

With Mark's death, that left only one Eternal. And if she died, nothing would stop Graulus and Nagi Luna from opening Zzyzx and unleashing destruction across the world. The last one was named Civia. And she was definantly prepared for a fight. She had a storage locker full of weapons and multiple get away vehicles. But even that could stand against the might of the Society. Torina Barker, the Grey Assassain, and Mirav, as well as an assortment of other beasts showed up in an ambush. Mirav had inadvertently brought Bracken's second horn to him, which Bracken used as a sword. That definantly bettered the odds (a lot (It also helped the odds of fighting the demon horde)). But the end, nothing could stop the Society. Torina knocked a Phoenix arrow and shot Civia through the back. Ending her existance as an eternal.

Now, the gate was open. All Graulus and Nagi Luna had to do was get to Shoreless Isle with the artifacts and open the prison. Its was that easy. But there was still hope. Seth and Vasilis.


They had gotten to the Mississippi River. Home of the Singing Sisters. According to Patton, the sisters would require some form of payment for their services of locating Vasilis. And if they didn't come to an agreement, they would kill him. But there weren'y many options left (see this is another example of a time when Seth takes a necesarry calculated risk to save everything. Grandpa is way too conservative in his actions. Some times, desperate times call for ever more desperate measures). The sisters reveal the location of the sword to be behind the Totem Wall in British Colombia, Canada. In exchange for their services, Seth promises to give them Vasilis after he uses it, to bring them a wraith to be used however they wish, and to obtain one object at the sisters will. All within a year of him finding the sword. Heck, he probably could have excepted the first offer; the likely hood that he would survive against the might of Zzyzx is almost zero. Ol' well. Now no killing is involved at all.

Now the adventure is off to the Totem Wall. The wall looks like a giant woden wall filled with hand carved faces of animals and people in it. Or thats how I pictured it. Seth gets his way into the wall to be greeted by a groups of standing corpses. The sisters had warned him that if he showed fear the corpses would attack and kill him. Seth didn't think that would be a probelm until ge saw them. I guess the dead bodies disturbed him some, and then he became afriad that he was getting afraid and thus became afraid causing the bodies to begin their attack. Thankfully, he regained his compsure and walked on by to be another friendly character. Morrisant.

Morissant supposedly looked like a corpse bound in rock. He is revealed to be the chiref architect of Zzyzx and a wizard that cheated death (was that really necessary Morissant. You already live for an incalculable amount of time. Did you reallly need to prolong you life even more). He is also the guardian of Vasilis, the blade that he himself had wielded. He gifted the sword to Seth telling him it may be a formidable blade in his or Kendra's hands. The blade reflects the heart of the wielder and thus in the hands of a Shadow Charmer or someone who was FairyKind, the sword could become immeasurably powerful (and boy does it. That sword single handedly saves the world from three demons.).

The sword is described as having a life of its own. Like it thinks for uts wielder. Seth mentions that seemed eager to slay the standing dead. The sword also can not be taken by an enemy under any circumstances. I don't know how that magic is possible, but if it was placed on the sword, the makers of Zzyzx should have placed some similar spell on the artifacts. So that they could only be taken by people not wanting to use them to open the prison. That would be a good idea. The sword, which is rumored to reflect the heart of the wielder, definantly is different for each user. Especially in the case of a shadow charmer or a person who is fairykind. In their hands, the sword is immesureably powerful.

With that, Vasilis has been claimed, and now the only probelem is how to get to Zzyzx.


Of course, Patton knew how to do that as well. That was what the bell, whistle, and music box were for. To summon the ghost ship Lady Luck to take them to Shoreless Isle, the home of Zzyzx.

But before that, everyone had to join up in North Carolina. Seth, Newel, Doren, Hugo, Vanessa, Kendra, Warren, Bracken, and Trask all had to get there in time. And by "in time" we mean by four days before the opening is to begin (it can only happen the night after a full moon).

Once everyone is there (minus Hugo and the satyrs) Bracken is instructed to interrogate Vanessa to see whether of not she is truly an ally. His second horn allows him to do this easily but he has been able to "read minds" with or without the horn. Before he gets to do his interrogation though, Vanessa divulges the fact that unicorn very commonly hunt blixes, and that Bracken could very easily lie about what he sees in her mind and kill on her spot. Now why she thinks that Bracken would do such a thing when Zzyzx is getting ready to open, I don't know. Everyone has more important things to worry about than an ancient unicorn vs blix feud. She eventually relents and allows him to read her mind. Upon doing so he sees that she is a true ally and her allegiance that was previously to the Sphinx has shifted to someone else. Seth makes the observation tha Bracken glances at Warren as he says that, and so we can believe that their is some Vanessa and Warren relationship going on. Vanessa, now unhappy, announces that Bracken has similar feelings for Kendra. Bracken denies that but we all know its a lie.

Kendra had commented her hopes that Bracken liked her, multiple times. We can fully believe that that is true now. I thought that is was true for some amount of time prior, but had little proof to back up. Vanessa comfirmed many suspicions with her accusation, and Bracken further confirmed them in a short conversation that Seth overhears later on. We now have Kendra's second (third?) love interest in the series. And this one is completely reliable. FINALLY!!!!


But more important things are going on then relationship drama. They need to get to Shoreless Isle. Seth succesfully gets them onto the boat Lady Luck and gets them passage to the island. The ship is staffed by the undead. But their minds remain closed to Seth and he can not hear them. Why? I again don't know. But that's not important. Their journey on the ship lasts for three days, giving them just several hours on the island before the prison is opened.


The island itself is described as being quite beautiful. A large island with a grassy fringe leading up to a mounatin of rock. The mountain is the demon prison. We can later belive that an enchantment like that on the knapsack is employed for their hundreds of thousands of demons inside, and the mountain is not physically large enough to hold them all. But beyond that, there are two more impotant features of Shoreless Isle. The first, is that the prison opens to the east. While that doesn't seem important, it means that the demons have to face the light of sun when they are released as dawn. Light is always known to be a weakness for demons, so having them emerge to sunlight was a good idea. And lastly, there is a Fairy Queen shrine right on the island. Supposedly the shrine was put there as a final block on the prison. The demons would have to overcome all of the power of light to leave the island and affect the world. Its a good thing it was there too. Otherwise, the world would be finished.


Bracken and Kendra approach the shrine to ask the Fairy Queen for final assistance. It is here that we learn two important facts. One, Bracken reveals that their is a small chance of everyone surviving the onslaught that would be teh demon horde. He had been quietly planning with the Fairy Queen the entire time, and they had come to a final plan. But it would be very difficult. Second, we learn Bracken's true identity. We all knew he was a unicorn, but many times characters had been on the verge of saying something else about him and he stopped them. I always noticed at the time, but nothing really made me question it. Until he finally reveals that he is the single son of the Fairy Queen. Yep. The son of the Fairy Queen. Kendra wanted to date the son of the Fairy Queen. And vice-versa. Nice twist right there. Definantly wasn't expecting that.

From there, Kendra revives all of the astrids into their true form; large men clad in golden armor (ie. the people on the original cover). The astrids serve as the army they had always needed to fight the demons. They also serve as defenders of the mortals who were on the island.


With that, Bracken gives a short speech about the Knights of the Dawn, and then a second plot twist comes up.


Right as Zzyzx opens, the Sphinx appears with the Transloactor, Font of Immortality, and Chronometer. Bracken appears unsurprised, but I was very surprised. Where had the Sphinx obtained three of the artifacts, and where was the Oculus and Sands of Sanctity. Bracken says that they will need the artifacts to win the day, and the Sphinx claims that Nagi Luna and Graulus will not let go of the remaining two. Needing the artifacts for a victory, Seth agrees to take Vasilis and obtain the artifacts.

Bad Idea.

The Sphinx uses the Translocator to teleport himself, Seth, and then several astrids into Zzyzx. There, Seth has his final confrontation with Graulus. I exepected an epic showdown battle with biting and clawing and poison and fire culminating with the death of the demon. It was nothing like that. Seth and Graulus simply run at each other. Seth swings Vasilis destroying Graulus but at the same time, Graulus bites and claws Seth, imbuing his body with a deadly poison. (Well that was anticlimactic.). Seth is as good as dead, and Nagi Luna still has the Oculus. But that can't be let to remain. Seth hurls Vasilis like a javelin and destroys Nagi Luna. NOW, they have all the artifacts. But Seth is still as good as dead. Only the Sands of Sanctity and a unicorn would be able to save him now. And he barely had time for that.


While Seth is off slaying two of the most powerful demons to ever live, Kendra is standing by watching the demons walk free from their prison. The astrids and Bracken were busy hastling the monsters, but no real damage was being done. While watching, a women appears from the pond surrounding the Fairy shrine. The Fairy Queen. This is the first and only time we see the Fairy Queen in reality. I pictured her similar to the elf, Galdriel, in Lord of the Rings. I wasn't too far off. Kendra described her as essentially being a fairy with no wings, and colored like a normal human. She comments that she seemed to move and fly with an unnatural grace, like the elves in Lord of the Rings.

And thats when Gorgrog, the King of the Demons, appears. The Fairy Queen goes off to aid Bracken in fighting off the masisve demon.


That when Seth returns. The story of his battle with Graulus an Nagi Luna is told while the Sands are used on him. While listening to the story, Kendra watches as Gorgrog flings Bracken into some state of semi-consciousness and knows that the the demon will kill him and the Fairy Queen. But not if she has anything to say about it. She takes Vasilis from Seth and instantly responds to her, glowing with an unimaginable white light. Kendra goes in herself and single-handedly slays Gorgrog using the immens power of the sword. This battle was much more enojyable Seth's but was still too short. It lasted only like a page and was a total of three sword swings. Then again, Kendra isn't much of the warrior type. And with that, the hope for the demons is pretty much done.

But lets talk about Vasilis for a minute. Morissant commented that the sword may respond to Kendra when he gave it to Seth. But Seth never really thought much about it. And then when Kendra goes aheads and grabs. It instantly becomes the most powerful weapon on Earth. The only weapon capable fo slaying Gorgrog. Anything else would have been destroyed after doing combat with the Demon King. But not Vasilis. And so again, it is Patton, indirectly, who saves the world; Seth who sets the saving up; and Kendra who finishes it all off. Kind of like book two, but with the artifact (Patton had done a great amount of research on the Valley of the Four Hills where the Inverted Tower was hidden).


After the death of Gorgrog, the dragons of Wyrmorrost arrive and the Fairy Queen opens up a gateway to her realm. The demons flood the realm of light and Agad uses the dragons to seal the shrine off into the new demon prison. The Fairy Queen decides to make the former Zzyzx into her new realm. And with that the world is saved.


Now, just a short thought. Who thinks its odd that while Seth does something impressive in each book, its always Kendra who tops him. In book two, he destroyed the revenant, but Kendra got to somewhat aid in recovering the artifact. In book three, Seth finds the Chronometer, but Kendra, indirectly, makes the pebble that destroys the plague. In this book, Seth slays Graulus AND Nagi Luna, two of the most powerul demons ever, but Kendra slays Gorgrog. And while Seth becomes one of only two shadow charmers on the planet, Kendra has to go out and be the one-and-only Fairykind.


But there is still the matter of the Sphinx. I personally voted for him to be put to death. But everyone else thought that making him one of the eternals was a better idea. I don't think the Sphinx could ever be trusted with anything even remotely involved with Zzyzx. He could very easily teach someone about the artifacts and everything he learned about the prison. The only good things about making him an eternal are that, he couldn't open the prison, and his profound fear of death would make him a very good eternal, seeing as his death would have to occur for the prison to open. He does also have a very good track record of staying invisible and alive.

Again, I don't think he should be made an eternal. But he does have all of the makings for a new one. I just think its a little dangerous.


And so now, everything is back to normal. Fablehaven is eventually restored (and the Centaurs had their land restricted (Allelujah!!!)), and everyone, including Seth and Kendra's parents go ahead and move to live at the preserve. But there is more going on at Fablehaven.

Before the battle at Shoreless Isle, the Fairy Queen destroyed all but her shrine on the island. Now, with her new domain being made, she had begun the process of making new shrines. And Fablehaven is the first host. The first time since the Shadow Plague, Fablehaven has a Fairy Shrine. And with it, comes Bracken.

The unicorn fully admits to his feelings for Kendra, but also says that he will wait a couple of years before further pursue a relationship with her. I would have rather they just started dating right then and their. But ol' well.


And now a fun question. What happens next? Seth still has Vasilis and will now have to face the Singing Sisters. Kendra has been promised a relationship with Bracken and a trip to the Fairy Realm. While those are some interesting plots to pursue, I can't find any overarching plot that will make for a series.

Regardless, some years ago, there was a rumor that a second series would be made, centered around the Dragon Sanctuaries. I can find no evidence of this online, but it was there once. It was said the story would continue to follow Kendra and Seth. With his Five Kingdoms book, I don't know how probable another series is, but I sure as hell want one. Fablehaven ranks as the number one of number two series I have ever read. Period. It was ranked three for a while, but on this re-read, I find it to be number one or, depending the conclusion to the Heroes of Olympus series, number two, on my all time best book list. It clearly outranks Harry Potter, and that is the standard by which I rate books.


So with that, the story that was Fablehaven is finished. We can hope for a second series, but its publishing is unknown. See my Fablehaven series page for more information on the series as a whole.