Virals: Shift


A theft has occured at LIRI. And just as Tory's idol, her Aunt, Temperance Brennan, a world-renowned forensic anthropologist, arrives for a visit. Aunt Tempe is immediately on the case ... but so are Tory and the other Virals.

But the crime is a mysterty? It was done just when the LIRI security system was under maintenance, which brought it down for barely six hours. And the gates to the facility never opened or closed to insinuate someone entering or exiting. Can Tory and the Virals find who broke into LIRI and stole tens of thousands of dollars in equipment? Or have the problem solving teens finally met their match







This is the first of the two Virals novellas (available in ebook format only), and it was the better two (see my review of Swipe for more details). The first thing that the you immediately notice is that the story is written from multiple view points. Each of the four Virals narrates two chapters, Kit the second to last chapter, and Aunt Temp the final one. This has whole does not take much away from the story...but it doesn't necesarilly help any either.

The differing viewpoints do not reveal anything that we didn't not already know about. All the boys see Tory as the leader, blah, blah, blah, etc. None of the viewpoints were particularly interesting in themselves, considering that the group was together the entire time. Now if they had split up and gone to do separate investigations, the multi viewpoints might have been more exciting. But overall, the multiple narrations weren't that interesting.

Like the other novella, Swipe, the logic behind how the crime was commited seemed a little jumpy to me. Its not like how they figure the crime out very slowly and methodically like in the full novels...but Tory insteads figures out the majority of the crime in a single fell paragraph. I don't particualrly like this because I enjoy finding out how the crime goes down with the Virals instead of being left in the dark and have the entire layout of the mystery revealed at once. This one, unlike Swipe, did seem a lot more logical (Swipe was just ridiculous). The majority of the plot is figured out by Tory in about fifteen pages, but it was a big imporvement compared to Swipe.


Since this was a sort story, thats pretty much all I have to say on Shift. Continue on in the Virals adventure with Code.