The Origins Mystery: The Atlantis Plague


Kate Warner unlocked the secret behind human evolution and Atlantis. But now, a new threat awaits her.

After her ordeal in Antarctica, the world has aged two months and a dangerous new disease has risen to destroy humanity, one with a 95% mortality rate. Luckily, the medical companies have found a wait to combat this new plague. Its called Orchid.

But Orchid doesn't cure or even prevent the disease. It justs slows it down. And when Orchid begins to fail. Kate, David, two Immari operatives, and two resarchers must race Immari and the clock to find a cure and save most of humanity. But that's not easy when your the most wanted human alive.








While not as intriguing as book one, The Atlantis Plague was another wonderufully written Atlantis Mystery from AG Riddle. Book one, The Atlantis Gene, left off with Kate escpaing the Atlantean structure in Antarctica,to find herself in a disease stricken world two months after she left. Stupid time dilation. Book two picked up a day or so later, with Kate and Martin experimenting on a dying patient. Pretty soon, Immari has them both, Martin is dead, David is back, and Kate's on Malta looking for possibly the only thing that can save the human race.


But thats the quick synopsis. Lets backtrack.


First off, David was dead at the end of book one. Dorian shot him simultaneously as David shot and killed him. Now, they're both back. How!?!? Thank you, resurrection tubes. And our friendly Atlantean, Ares. Yah. An Atlantean ressurected the two of them. And then let them kill each other a second time. I guess that's what's ammusing when your a war general, named after the Greek god of War. But anyways. Ares becomes important very quickly. Like when he reveals he's part of Dorian. Yes are senior anatagonist is actually being somewhat manipulated by a Atlantean war general. That'll be a fun time.

But why did David resurrect as well. Well that gets a little but more complicated. The first time, it was Ares who resurrected him (or so we assume). But when Dorian kills him a second time, he resurrects in a structure that dumps him in northern Morocco. Right next to an Immari outpost. Later in the book, we find out that David was resurrected by another Atlantean (one who conveniently comes with him, Kate, some Immari people, and another researcher to Malta to find a cure). This Atalantean also finaly shows us how the resurrection tubes work.

One of the functions of the Atlantis Gene, which all humans have (its just not turned on in all of them), is to change the bodys radiation output into a data stream which can be backed up remotely to some type of server. Then, when that person dies, the server can download all of their memories, cells, etc. into a resurrection tube and make a new copy of them. That is pretty cool.

But said second Atlantean also tells us something else interesting. Back when the human race was first given the Atlantis Gene, he had been one of the people there to witness the act of the gene gift. His partner had been the one who actually administered the gene. And Kate is his partner. Or the current embodyment of his partner. Turns out, that when Patrick Pierce, Kate's father, put his pregnant wife in the resurrection tube in 1918, this Atlantean's partner's "life data" was downloaded into Kate. That now makes Kate an Atlantean.


Speaking of Kate as an Atlantean, Kate actually figured that part out before it was revealed by the Atlantean, named Janus, to David. Throughout the book, Kate kept having vivid dreams of the pre-human race being contacted by the Atlanteans (conveniently, she also saw the ditribution of the Atlantis Gene, the arrival of Ares, and the destrcution of the ship off Gibralter). And she was always there. As an Atlantean. For a while I assumed that this was just some subconscious dreaming of what she thought happened in the past. Turns out she was actually regaining the memories of the Atlantean who distributed the Atlantis Gene to the human race. She saw how quickly the humans adapted from there. How quickly we began to fight and instigate war. Essentially our entire early history. And then came Ares.

As was deduced by David earlier in the book, there were essentially two "groups" of Atlanteans. One of them was Kate and Janus, the saviors of the human race. And I can only assume that Ares is a part of the other group. During one of Kate's flashbacks she witnesses Ares's arival on earth. She also watched as he destroys the Gibraltar structure (her "home" at that point). So now, we can only assume that Ares (AKA Dorian) will now be the antagonist for "The Atlantis World".


As I mentioned in my review of "The Atlantis Gene", AG Riddle does a wonderful job of incorporating historical events into his theory of Atlantis, the Atlantis Gene, and the evolution of the human race. In this book, much of that comes from a coded theory written by Martin (pre his death) about a possible cure for the Atlantis Plague. In it contains a series of numbers which David takes as dates. Those "dates" apparently correspond to plague outbreaks, ones very similar to the Atlantis plague. Those outbreaks include the Plague of Justinian, which wiped out half of Europe near the fall of the Roman Empire, as well as the Bubonic Plague of the dark ages. But where Riddle specifically excels is his incorporation of ths events into his Atlantis theory. In the book, David, Kate, Shaw (assumed Immari operative), Janus (Atlantean/"researcher"), and Chang (researcher), with the help of Martin's coded message, deduce that each plague outbreak (Justinian, Bubonic, Spanish Flu, and Atlantis) were all "updates" to the Atlantis Gene. It revised the gene to some extent. In the process, the plague killed many people that could not control the gene, which was the majority of the population at that time. And thus, a reason for some of the deadliest plagues in human history are explained.

But even more thought provoking is Riddle's theories behind the island of Malta. In book one, the leader of the Immaru, tells Kate of an "ark" that was taken into the mountains before the great flood. When Kate asks where the ark was then, the Immaru does not know. But now, we do know.

The ark, is hidden on the island of Malta. And its the secret behind the great successess of the Greeks, Romans, and several other cultures. In the beginning, Greeks were first to settle Malta. On it they found the ark. The ark, which contains the bones of the original recipient of the Atlantis Gene, emmits some amount of radiation which activates the Atlantis Gene. Anyone who's A. Gene is activated essentially experienced a second "Great Leap Forward" and became immensely intelligent for their time. Examples can be found across Greece in the works of Archimedes, Pythagorus, Euclid, etc. But after Rome captured Malta, they became the new world superpower. They surpassed even the Greeks in science and medicine. And this is all due to the activation of the Atlantis Gene by the "ark" on Malta.

And now, the Ark's radiation is even more important, because the Atlantis Plague can not harm anyone near it. Malta is completely safe from infection. And so, Kate and David, along with everyone else take their travels to Malta to hopefully find a cure for the current plague.


In conclusion, I thought this book was wonderful. While not as good as "The Atlantis Gene" (this one dragged a little bit in some places) it still ranks very highly on my list of top books (probably somehwere in the Top 20 (out of approximately 700-800)). This book does the best job I've seen of tying science fiction back to history. Being interested in highly advanced civilizations like I am (love Greece) I thought that reasons behind their advancement, the ones presented in the book, were wodnerfully crafted ideas. Based on what Riddle presented to me, I think its completely credible. Can't wait for "The Atlantis World".