The Origins Mystery: The Atlantis Plague


Two weeks ago, Kate Warner cured the Atlantis Plague at a great personal loss. But the plague was the only the beginning. A new, more powerful, enemy awaits the human race. One that razed the Atlantean home world to the ground in a single day and night.

At Arecibo Oberservatory in Puerto Rico, astrobiologist Mary Caldwell receives a strange coordinated message from space. The first contact that Earth has ever received by another civilization. But she soon finds out that this signal may not be a good thing.

And in Antarctica, Dorian Sloane now find himself a puppet to the Atlantean War General, Ares. And as he begins his plan to take control of the situation on Earth, Ares unleashes one last global cataclysm. As the catastrophe engulfs the Earth, Dorian is given one final mission: find and kill Kate Warner and David Vale. The time for prisoners is over.

With Dorian after them, Kate and David must travel from Atlantean space station to Atlantean space station, and sift through the distant past of an unknown culture, in hopes of finding the one thing that could prevent the end of the human race.

Can the human race be saved? Or will an enemy powerful enough to destroy the Atlanteans raze it to the ground?







While being the worst book of the trilogy, "The Atlantis World" proved a fitting ending to this thrilling series. AG Riddle spun the tale of the Atlanteans, the Serpentine Army, the sentinals, Ares, Isis, and the fate of the human race wonderfully together this compact history of the rise of the human race.

The main problem I found with the book was that too much of it took place in the past. At least 50% of the story was told through the deleted memories of Isis, who's memories are available to Kate, and the memories of Ares, which Dorian watched. While the memories definantly proved to be important to the overall conclusion of the story they took up a little too much time for my liking., relegating the actual climax to the last 8% (according to my Kindle) of the story.


But onto the story ...


Before we get to an analysis and detailed story line, I am going to summarize how exactly the Atlantean Civilization came to power, fell, and then gifted the primitive human race with the Atlantis Gene. How I understood was as follows:

Ares was a war general of some long ago race of advanced being (who I name, Pre-Atlanteans). That civilization expanded to the point where they found a group of spheres, titled sentinals that proceeded to attack anything that came near them. They eventually succeeded in capturing one of the spheres for research. Almost immediately, the civilization received a message from an unknown civilization residing outside the line of sentinals.

Upon there approach to this new civilization, they find a great battlefield of smaller ships fighting against a massive serpent, known as the Serpentine Army. This army proceeded to destroy all of the Pre-Atlantean's present as well as the other attacking civlization.

Somehow, Ares is picked up by a passing ship. Inside he is greeted by an Avatar who gives him instructions on how to avoid being attacked and destroyed by the Serpentine Army. Of course, Ares blows those off. The Avatar also gifts him with the resurrection tubes, which Ares uses to ressurect many of his fallen Pre-Atlanteans. They go off and refound a civilization known as Atlantis.

For thousands of years, the Atlantean Soceity prospers under anti-Serpentine laws. But eventually, some of the Atlanteans become angry and rebel. Thus on public vote, they are exiled to a seperate world they can call their own. There only stipulation is that they must obey the Anti-Serpentine laws.

This is where Isis becomes important. Her, Janus, and many other Atlantean scientists get funded to go and observe other worlds and study other human races.

At some point, Isis, who created some gene therapy that could make all Atlanteans genetically and intelectually identical, the original Atlantis Gene, gives her treament to the exiled Atlanteans. Later on, those exiles come under bombardment from sentinals, which Ares programmed to eliminated any civilizations that grew to powerful and weren't Atlantean.Because of Isis's gene therapy, the Sentinals misinterpreted the civlizations as non-Atlantean and proceeded to destroy it.

But the exiles went underground, grew in power, and forced there way past the sentinals back to the Atlanteans home world. There, they defeated the sentinals and destroyed the Atlantean homeworld. The Atlanteans, unable to handle the memory of their violent deaths, succumbed toe ressurection sickness and could not operate after being resurrected.

At this point, Isis and Janus were on Earth studying the primitive human race. At some point Isis administers the Atlantis Gene to two of the last humans. In the nearer future, Ares arrives on Earth and informs Isis that it was here Gene therapy that indirectly resulted in the destruction of the Atlantean home world.

Moving forward to known events, Ares destroys Isis and Janus's ship, killing Isis, and trapping Janus in part of the ship until he was freed by David in the Atlantis Plague.


So that was fifty percent of the book neatly summarized, now onto the current plot.


The book starts off with David and Milo finding Kate in a vat of yellow liquid in the Atlantean structure in Gibraltar. David enters the liquid with her and ends up entering one of her memories (one where she conveniently dies). After exiting the fluid, the ship tells David that Kate has 4-7 days to live due to resurrection sickness. This becomes a running theme throughout the book: what will Kate do with her remaining days alive.

She and David plan to go back to North Carolina for her final days, but with the appearance of Mary Caldwell and Paul Brenner they cut that excursion short to attempt to understand the code that Mary received at Arecibo Observatory.

Now the fun starts.

Just prior to Mary and Paul's arrival in Girbraltar, Ares detonates some type of device that melts the majority of Antarctica. Of course, this proceeds to flood most of the Earth. Later in the book, when we find out the reason behind Ares flooding the planet, we see that his plan was really well thought out. But that's probably what you get when you have 13,000 years to come up with it.

But after that, Kate, David, Milo, Paul, and Mary figure out that the code may be an offering of help from another civilization. And so they decide to travel to an Atlantean satellite orbiting the Earth, where Kate hopes she can find some memories that Janus supposedly "deleted" from her mind when he was trying to ressurect her. '

The only problem...the only to get to this station is through a portal on a nearly inacessible part of the Gibraltar ship. The only way to get there was through one of two arcs. And said arc was home to giant flying reptiles that could turn invisible at night (arguably the coolest creature I have read about).

So the team gets through there, barely, and out into the Atlantean Station. This is where the story of Atlantis started to begin. And also where Kate gains extreme deductive reasoning skills.

Seemingly out of no where, she comes up with the idea that Janus transferred her memories to three other Atlantean Stations before he deleted them from there ship's archives, and corrupted the files on their lander. Where she came up with this theory I have no idea.

And so, to shorten a very long, very boring story, the five of them travel to the next two stations where they uncover the truth behind what Isis did and how it resulted in the fall of the Atlantean homeworld. The only interesting thing that happened at all during that time was when David was blown out of the station after a grenade thrown by one of Dorian's men went off and blew a hole in the ship.

In repsonse to that event. I assumed Riddle did that just as another conlfict for Kate to overcome. Turns out it was the most important event in the history of the human race.

There was also the time before Kate saw the last memory from Isis, when she was told she had a little under a day to live. Thank you resurrection syndrome. At this point I assumed Riddle was just going to kill her off and make a fun epilogue out of it. Thank god he didn't.

And while this is happening, the Serpentine Army is trying to assimilate David into their culture. First off, that was not a good idea on the Serpentone's part. David is about as stubborn a character I know of. He wouldn't convert under penatly of death. And thank god for the hukan race he didn't.

And we finally reach the finale of the series. The great "threat" to the human race has finally come. But it depend son who you ask who that threat is. To Kate and David, its the Serpentine army. To Ares, its the rebel Atlanteans that destroyed the homeworld so many thousands of years ago.

But in the end, its the Serpentine Army. According to Ares, if one person could withstand the Serpent's attempts to assimilate them, the system and their culture would shatter, ending the greatest threat to humanoid worlds. That's supposedly why Ares unleashed the great flood from Antarctica. To hopefully make one human with enough to resolve to fight assimiliation by the Serpent and end them. I didn't fully understand how or why this would happened but I went with it anyway.

But the Serpentine Army was not the enemy that Ares feared so much. That enemy was the rebel Atlanteans that his programmed Sentinals attacked so long ago. He had good reason to fear them, seeing as they were powerful enough to completely destroy the Atlantean homwworld, but I don't understand why he beleived they were a giant threat to the human race. Or why he wanted to use the human race as an army to fight them. That has bad idea written all over it.

Thankfully we have Dorian Sloane who essnetially stopped that human army after he killed Ares like a 100 times. That was completely unnecessary on Riddle's part, but was entertaining for some time.

And, thankfully, we have David Vale to thank for the end of the Serpentine Army. His resolve to not be assimilated was that which Ares needed to end the civilization. And just as Ares predicted, the army crumbled under David's resolve.

And so the secret behind Atlantis is solved. We know that it existed. That we own it our intelligence. And that we owe its rebelious citizens with our survival.


With that, the Origins Mystery series comes to conclusion. After finishing this book, I spent like another twenty minutes looking at related books about human origins, alien civilizations, galactic wars, and genetic alteration. Can't wait to read more from this genre, thanks to AG Riddle.