Ranger's Apprentice: The Icebound Land


After being captured by a group of Skandians, Will and Evanlyn are bound for a life of slavery in the Skanidan capital, Hallasholm.

Meanwhile, Halt has sworn to do anything to find and bring home his young apprentice. Even defy the king and the Ranger Corps. Banished from Araluen, Halt is joined by Horace and they together pass through Gallica in hopes of reaching their friend in Skandia. But their bath is blocked at every bridge by free lance knight hoping to pick on passing travelers. As Horace, now under the guise of, the Oak Leaf Knight, continues to beat fellow knights, he begins to attract unwanted attention from Gallic warlords, ones far more menacing then the poor knights he previously dealt with.

Can Halt and Hoarce make through Gallica to rescue Will and Evanlyn in Skandia?

Can Will and Evanyln survive the harsh reality of life as a slave?







I have to say early ... this is by far my least favorite book. It is quite clear that books only setsup the evenys of book four and acts as an interlude, simply telling what happens, between the Morgarath's death, and the Battle for Skandia. Nothing more.

There is very little meaningful plotline. We see, Will demonstrate his resilliancy in fighting off the warmweed drug. We see Evanlyn's determination in keeping her and Will alive in Skanida. And we see Horace's continues prowas as a knight develop. Otherwise nothing happens.

I was very dissapointed with it, after reading it through a second time.


This a short and uninteresting read for this series, and so we can skip ahead to the fourth book, 'The Battle for Skandia'