Ranger's Apprentice: The Kings of Clomnel


The Rangers had thought they had destroyed the Outsiders years ago when they ran them out of Araluen. But religious cults like them are hard to stomp out completely.

And now they are back.

The Outsiders have gained control over four of the five kingdoms of Hibernia, leaving only the kingdom of Clomnel left. And once they are done there, they plan to move into Araluen.

Now ... its up to Will, Halt, and Horace to find this dangerous cult and stamp it our once-and-for-all. But that's pretty hard to do. Especially when the religion is promising safety to poor farmers who are being ravaged by bandits. And when the King is busy doing nothing.

Can the Rangers and Horace defeat the Outsiders and save Clomnel? Or will this dangerous cult spread into Araluen?







This was my second least favorite book in the series, coming in just ahead of book 3, The Icebound Land. The only exciting part of the book at all was the very end where Horace is fighting off the two giants of Tennyson. Beyond that, there was a lot of talking and planning and schemeing and all around non-sense. And so, I'm going to skip the super long analysis and just hit the very few points there is to talk about.


First, the Outsiders. Tennyson really is a smart guy. He picked the country where all of the kings are weak and hold little power and decided to start up a religion where the "god" would keep his followers safe from harm while the weak kings wouldn't. I can see why he gained power so quickly. He also had the good idea to leave Clomnel, the one part of Hibernia closest to Araluen, for last, so he could gain as much power as possible before going after the superpower. That is yet another well thoughout plan that Flanagan should be famous for.

Next, this "group" that Crowley put together. Wonderful idea. Thats it. Wonderful idea. Could not be better.

Now onto Halt's plan to combat Alseiass. Posing Horace as the sunrise warrior. Again ... another brilliant idea. The legend spoke of a great warrior (which Horace is) that would come from the east (Araleun) and save Hibernia when it was in peril (which it was). The time and events pretty much set up the myth of the Sunrise Warrior for a return. And Halt employed the idea immediately. I guess its helpful when you grew up in Hibernia. Destined to one day be King of Clomnel.

But, back to the Sunrise Warrior. Horace definantly fit all of the qualifications to be a warrior of myth. And his sword skills against Tennyson's two giants (even when he was drugged )deiantly proved he had the skills to be the legendary Sunrise Warrior.


Speaking of the drug, lets discuss our three Genovesan's. As Halt commended, the Genovesan's are highly skilled and dangerous, two aspects we see more in the next book than in this one. They must be something like the Ranger's (without the movement skills) in the south.


In the end, I didn't much like this book for its lack of action and excessive planning and conspiring. Luckily, Book 9, Halt's Peril, follows up on this book in a much more exciting and interesting way. So continue, to see if the Ranger's can finally stamp out the Outsider's cult, in book 9, Halt's Peril.