Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian


The Titan War has begun.

Kronos has risen fully from Tartarus and has claimed war on Olympus.

But the Gods are too busy fighting Typhon to defend their home. Leaving the preservation of Greece and modern society in the hand of their demigod children from Camp Half-Blood.

But how can a group of thirty demigods defeat an entire army of the worst creatures of the Underworld?








So, the story starts with a bang. Literally. Percy and Bekendorf go off to blow up the Princess Andromeda. But that's too easy, so of course everything goes wrong; just as we should expect. Like three minutes in and Percy is already off running from telekines. And right into Kronos/Luke.

We learn that Kronos has a spy within Camp Half Blood. I always suspected some Hermes kids were working for him.

We also, we get a good idea of the power of Kronos's Scythe. It really is all powerful. In the last book, a telekhine mentioned that the scythe could rip your soul from your body. Kronos just scratched Percy in it, and Percy is lucky he didn't die right there.

But Thanks to Bekendorf, who blows the ship up with him on it, Percy survives, and the seige on Manhattan is delayed for about a day. (WOOHOO!!)


With the explosion, Percy ends up in Poseidon's Palace. Someplace he has never been. Apparently, the titan Oceanus is waging war on Poseidon. And its taking its toll on the God of the Sea. I assumed that the Gods could like however they wanted regardless of time or conditions. Apparently not. Poseidon mentioned that the battles with Oceanus were causing him to lose power and grow older.

Interesting. The gods are manifestations of their own sphere of influence. Yet there life forces are tied to Mount Olympus. That's important


And we finally get to here that Great Prophecy. You know...the one that says Percy is either going to destroy or save the world. So here it is.


A half-blood of the eldest gods;

shall reach sixteen against all odds;

And see the world in endless sleep;

The hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap;

A single choice shall end his days;

Olympus to preserve or raze;

And there it is folks. The prophecy about the fate of the world. And in case you weren't paying attention during the book, here is how it all plays out:

Line 1 = Percy Jackson

Line 2 = shall reach the age of sixteen

Line 3 = Morpheus put Manhattan to sleep during the war

Line 4 = Luke is the hero and he destroys himself using the Annabeth's knife which is cursed because he betrayed his promise to her

Line 5 = Percy's choice to give Luke the knife ended Luke's life

Line 6 = And the choice preserved Olympus


So now, Percy goes to visit May Castellan. Nico has some plan to make Percy immortal, which Luke did to himself, but they need to find out if his mother did anything t ready him. When they see her, she's pretty much crazy. She thinks Luke is coming back and keeps making him sandwiches and cookies. I haveto admit, I did not have any idea what was wrong with her until the end, but I could see why Luke hated her.


Now, armed with the knowledge that he had to be blessed before becoming immortal, Percy has his mother bless him. And then he and Nico go to the Doors of Orpheus. Where Grover tells them about Morpheus. The God of Dreams. Right here, Percy already has bets as to what the third line of the prophecy means. Morpheus can put people to sleep, so he could, theoretically, put the WORLD to sleep. Which he does in a few chapters.


So now, Nico's plan. Apparently, Nico figured out that Luke bathed in the River Styx and became immortal, just like Achilles did in the ancient times. This is why he can host Kronos without being destroyed. He gets Percy to believe that the only way to stay alive and beat Kronos is to follow the same path and become immortal. Honestly, that was way to risky a plan for Percy to undertake. If it didn't work he would be dead and the world would be screwed. Besides, it only comes in hand like a couple of times during the book. He would have survived, just fine.

But a trip to the Underworld is never complete without a backstabbing by Hades. He decides it's a good idea to lock up Percy, make Nico the child of the Prophecy and let Kronos destroy the world. Which is probably the worst plane ever. Why would Kronos leave Hades in power after he begins his new rule? He wouldn't he would be tossed into Tartarus with the rest of the gods. And Nico would be killed along with a bunch of other half-bloods. It's a really bad plan. He does succeed in locking Percy up though.


Now...Percy gets to become immortal. I do not condone this at all. So don't try it. Whether you're a demigod, child of Hades, or mortal, don't try it. Of course, for Percy, it works. And he becomes all powerful, to the point where he like attacks Hades. And wins. So yah, that Curse of Achilles worked pretty well.


And we finally get to the actual freaking siege of Manhattan. Of course, Percy gets to have a fin fight with his old friend the Minotaur again. It goes about as good this time as it did the last time. Meaning...Percy kicked the bull-man's ass. It was like five strikes and the Minotaur was dead. It took him more time to fight the Nemean Lion in, The Titan's Curse. But the first battle can't be that easy. So of course, the rest of Kronos's army come after Percy's bridge. And Ethan Kakumara get lucky. Kind of.

He goes to backstab Percy, right where he remained mortal after his soak in the Styx. And Annabeth takes the knife instead. So of course, Percy goes ballistic and probably should have killed Ethan on spot. But that didn't happen. Instead, Kronos joins the battle and ends up destroying the bridge with his awesome titan powers. The ones that destroy bridges. Those titan powers.


Back to Annabeth. Luckily, Apollo Cabin had no problems healing her, otherwise Percy probably would have like taken on the entire titan army at once. And that would not have done anyone any good.


While Annabeth is recuperating from her posioned knife wound, Percy gets a present from a Titan. But not the kind of present he wants to get. Prometheus gives him Pandora's box. And yes Prometheus, I agree, Pandora's Pithos is not as catchy as Pandora's box. He tells Percy to let the spirit of Hope out of the jar should they want to surrender. Of course, we know Percy is never going to do that is he. That would ruin the book.


So, battle number two. This time, Hyperion, Titan of Light, joins the battle. But he's no match for Percy. Not when Percy can make a hurricane. Not that he knew that when he decided to fight the titan. Honestly, I am surprised that Percy can make clouds. I know clouds are made of water, but I don't think Zeus would like Percy making clouds in his domain. I guess its some type of neutral ground. I wish we knew that Percy could do this earlier, because it could have come in handy on board the Princess Andromeda a couple of times.


And now, battle number three. The Clazmonian Sow. Why the Greek made up a legend about a giant female pig, I don't know. And why no hero ever killed, I also don't know. But Daedalus Plan 23 worked pretty well. Good thinking Percy.

And now battle animal number two, battle number four. The Drakon. That spy of Kronos's is keeping him well infromed. The drakon can only be killed by a child of Ares and the Ares campers aren't fighting because of something dumb. So what happens. Percy and Annabeth decide to attack the dragon with no hopes of killing of it. Then Silena Beuragard, who is posing as Clarisse, leads the Ares campers into battle against the Drakon. She dies, leading Clarisse to destroy the dragon with one shot from her lightning spear.

But most importantly, we figure out our spy. Its Silena. She was pretty much the last person I suspected. But, most spies are. And her battle with the drakon I guess is somewhat redeeming. So she gets some pardon.


And then Rachel comes back. Bad idea. There is no reason at all for her to have come back. She's lucky she didn't die in that helicopter of hers. And what to deliver the message that "Percy is not the hero". No. Stay on your beach, Rachel. STAY ON YOUR BEACH. If the titan's ever rise again. Everyone...STAY ON YOUR BEACH. DO NOT COME TO MANHATTAN.


Next, Poseidon's Throne. Percy sits on it. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. HE DID NOT. Yah. And Poseidon almost blasted him into seawater for it. But it turns out. It saved olympus from falling to typhon. The Gods have been trying to slow the monster throughout the book but haven't made much progress. But here, Percy convinces Poseidon to abandon his palace and help the gods destroy typhon. And it worked. WOOHOO.


And the final siege begins. With Kronos in the lead.


We are going to skip the formal fighting and just go up to Kronos in the throne room.

So. Kronos is in the throne room. Trying to decide which Godly throne he should destroy first (*cough*Dionysius*cough*). And then Annabeth and Percy show up. And that pretty much ruins everything. First, Percy manages to turn Ethan Nakumara back to his side. He attacks Kronos and kills himself in the process. *Applause* Then Percy joins the attack. Kronos freezes him in time. Then Annabeth attacks. She gets thrown across the room. Percy attack again. Etc. And the, Luke regains control. Kind of.

Annabeth reminds him of the promise he made to be her family. And that brings back Luke. Percy gives him Annabeth's knife which he uses to kill himself and Kronos affectively saving the world. Percy wasn't the hero. For the first time in recorded history.

Honestly, the climax was pretty exciting. Too bad it was an epic showdown with the gods fighting too. I guess Ill have to wait for, The Blood of Olympus, for that.


Now, gifts. The gods don't give many gifts. So you better except them when you can. Annabeth gets the offer to redesign Olympus. Definitely a good fit for her. Percy gets offerred immortality and godly status. Not a good fit for him. Neither was his wish, but that a whole different discussion. Sure, his wish ensures that this uprising of the titan's probably won't happen again, but couldn't he have picked at least something a little more exciting. (No I don't have an example.) Ol' well. He's going to have more important things to worry about in the near future anyway.


But Rachel is still on the lose. She's busy becoming the new Oracle. You know. The mummy that spits prophecies. Yah, she wants her job. Better call Hades first. Make sure the curse is lifted though, otherwise, she's pretty much screwed. Luckily for her, the spirit takes. And a new "Great Prophecy" is spoken:


Seven Half-Bloods shall answer the call;

To storm or fire the world must fall;

An oath to keep with the final breath;

And foes bear arms to the doors of death


If that's not foreboding in anyway. The Doors of death. To storm of fire the world must fall. Have fun you Seven Half-Bloods. Hope that's not dangerous at all.


And lastly; Percy and Annabeth. They are FINALLY going out. By book four we know everyone else knows they should. In this one, we get the feeling that Annabeth wants to because she pretty much hates Rachel. And finally, it happens. Sure, its at the bottom of a lake in an air bubble. But it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that this is a very major part of the new series; The Heroes of Olympus.


The titans are gone. Olympus is saved. But the world is still in danger. A new prophecy had been given. And Gaia is rising. Read Riordan's next Greek series; The Heroes of Olympus.