Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero


Jason Grace has no memories before he wakes up on a bus, holding hands with a girl who he has never met, but claims to be his girlfriend. Soon, he, his new girlfriend, Piper, and their best-friend, Leo, are fighting for their lives on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

But when help appears in the form of two teenagers riding a flying chariot, the trio learn that the Greek myths and legends about gods, and monsters, and heroes are all real.

Just one problem. Jason already new that.

And now, Hera, Queen of the Gods, has issued him a quest. Free her from her confines somewhere in America. And should he fail, a horrible evil will rise to destroy everything.

Can Jason, Piper, and Leo defeat a powerful enemy and save Hera? Or are the gods about to be destroyed for a second time?








THIS IS A NEW SERIES. This is not Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This is Heroes of Olympus. The plots are not connected. This is completely new. AND ITS BETTER.


As in typical Rick Riordan fashion, we start a book with a new monster and creature to fight. Venti. Storm spirits. They seem invincible in this part of the book because amnesiac Jason swings a sword through one and nothing happens. And he's a freaking Son of Jupiter, Lord of the Air. If anyone, he should have been able to destroy the storm spirits.


Speaking of Jason, WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM? He just wakes up and has no memory except for his name, his fighting skills, how to speak Latin, Roman Mythology, and his sister. That's it. He supposedly has had a girlfriend for the last three weeks but has no idea who she is. Everyone else knows who he is, but he doesn't know anyone else. This had to be GODLY work.

More importantly though, Jason can FLY!! The first demigod to have the power of flight. Then again, its not really "flight". Its more like air current control. But we're going to call it flying. This is actually a useful demigod power. Because a lot of demigod powers are useless in battle. Like Aphrodite's (sorry Piper) and Demeter's, and Dionysius's, and Hermes's, and Hephaestus's (sorry Leo). But flight is abnormally helpful. He oculd just like fly around and hack at enemies from the air. Or remove injured people from battle. Or save fellow demigods from falling into the Grand Canyon. It lets him do that too.


Of course, at thus point in the book, we realize that our protagonists, Jason, Leo, and Piper, are all demigods, and so we can infer they will go to Camp Half Blood. And they do. But CHB is not what is was. PERCY JACKSON IS MISSING!!!!!!! He just disappeared according to Annabeth (I smell god)!! There goes are favorite little demigod. We have to get used to some new ones. We do know that he is going to be in the series, because he's a) referenced many times b) Riordan would not kill him c) he's Percy and d) what Riordan series would be complete without our son of Poseidon. Of course he'll be in the series eventually. This book?? No. Soon?? Yes. Just wait. We'll get to him.


So we've already discussed Jason. Lets go to Leo. He's a son of Hephaestus. He has power over fire, which is very rare and considered bad. He's a whizz with machines. And he's funny as hell. One problem. He's pretty much useless in a real battle. Sure, he can make Festus fly cross country, and a boat to fly to Rome. But when it comes down to a straight fight, he's pretty much useless. And that's my prime reason for my hatred of his character. I didn't like him in the book. I don't ever grow to like him. He just becomes more and more irritating. I honestly want him to die in the series finale because I hate him so much. Of course, I don't like two protagonists later in the series either.

To all fan girls out there...DON"T KILL ME!!! Its not my fault I don't like him.

Going with the "Son of Hephaestus" thing. We learn that "curse" had been placed on the cabin. "The Curse of Cabin 9". Anything they make goes haywire and destroys stuff. That always good.


Now Piper. I realize that most people like Leo and despise Piper as characters. I'm the exact opposite. I love Piper as a character and hate Leo. Why?? Because Piper is helpful in battle, and Leo is not. Piper is pretty handy with that Knife of hers, and her charmspeak powers could work wonders in battle. She can literally get away with anything with those powers.

One thing I don't quite understand though is her appearance. All of the fan arts and cover mock ups and whatnot depict with darker skin. I know she's partially Native American, but after reading the book three times, I found exactly 0 spots where she referenced with darker skin. I found hair and eye color references but no skin color. Please tell me the page number if you can find some proof of this. I don't personally picture her with very dark skin, but I am known for envisioning characters not based on their actual descriptions.

Next topic. Katoptris. Helen of Troy's blade. A knife that can see the future. This is another instance of Piper being helpful. That knife gives her and the Seven all kinds of information throughout the story. Things imperative to their success. Plus…its freaking cool. I bet Percy wished he had had a blade that predict the future during his quests over the previous four years.


Now back to Jason. He's a son of Zeus. But there's something off about him. Being a child of the Big three and being 16 outside of Camp never happens. He should be dead. Killed off by monsters. He also knows he doesn't belong at Camp Half-Blood. As does Chiron. He also speaks Latin, not Ancient Greek. And he knows all of the gods in their Roman form, not their Greek form. WHAT IS GOING ON??? Its pretty clear the dude is not Greek. He's something else, possibly Roman. But there is no such thing as Roman Demigod's right. No one at CHB had ever heard of them. And Chiron claims not to no anything. SO WHAT IS GOING ON!!!! I didn't quite figure it out until its all explained at the end, but I assumed he was Roman. I just didn't know there was whole nother Camp of Roman demigods. That I wasn't expecting.


As the last series did, this new series revolves around a Great Prophecy. Seven Half-Bloods shall answer the call; To storm or fire the world must fall; An oath to keep with a final breath; And foes bear arms to the doors of death. This is the whole premise behind this series. And Jason, Piper, and Leo are three of out seven demigods.

But this book in particular revolves around a different prophecy:


Child of lightning, beware the earth;

The giant's revenge the seven shall birth;

The forge and dove shall break the cage;

And death unleashed through Hera's rage


Line 1: this is telling Jason to beware the ground because Gaia is waking and would kike to kill him

Line 2: the seven demigods of the great prophecy will unleashed the wrath of the giants, the most powerful enemies of the gods

Line 3: a Hephaestus (Leo) and an Aphrodite (Piper) will destroy the cage that is imprisoning Hera

Line 4: the monsters inside Wolf House are killed when Hera goes into true form after escaping her earthen cage

There you go. This books prophecy. Comparatively, not too exciting.


And then, Aphrodite goes haywire. She claims Piper by giving her the Blessing of Aphrodite. Not that Piper wanted that to happen. The goddess pretty much dressed her up in pretty clothes and applied who knows how much makeup. Not Piper's style. Too bad its permanent for some amount of time. So she didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

Of course, after being claimed, Piper gets to move in with all of the other Aphrodite kids. That includes Drew Tanaka. All around beauty witch. Gods I hate her. I'm glad we don't here about her ever again. She was aggravating as hell.


Now over to Leo. He learned previously about a metal dragon, named Festus, who was rampaging across the Camp. So what does he do. He logically goes and tries to find the dragon in hopes of fixing it and using to fly around on during the quest. He finds the dragon with no problems. And he fixes it with no problems. And he adds wings to it. SO he pretty much made the best robotic dragon in the history of existence. And he named Festus. Which mean Happy in Latin. So Jason, Piper, and Leo are going to battle some giants and save the Queen of the Gods on Happy the dragon. That makes sense.


So...the quest.


First stop. Boreas. The northern wind. I have to admit that for a god, even a minor one, he was pretty boring. He didn't like try and kill them, which would have been interesting, or try and stop them from leaving. He didn't do anything. His daughter, Khione on the other hand is a different story. She was very interesting character. She wants to kill the trio on spot, but instead hopes that Boreas will do it for her. Yah. That didn't work out. She is actually working for Gaia and was supposed to stop the three of them from reaching Hera and Enceladus in California.

She partially succeeded in this. Freezing Festus's wires over Detroit. And then destroying him in Omaha. But, in the end it wasn't enough. But we'll see her again. And we'll even hopefully see her in the final battle in, The Blood of Olympus.


Monster 1: Ma Gasket and her Cyclops. Of course, this is all facilitated by Khione, and Jason's capture by Piper's broken ankle. So, concerning the latter of those two statements, I would like to know, why didn't the ambrosia and nectar heal Piper's ankle instantly. It was stated in the original books, that the food and drink of the gods could mend bones easily and bring you back from the brink of death in large enough doses. And yet Piper ate excess ambrosia and drank nectar but still felt residual pain from the injury. WHY??

But the real point here is Leo and the Cyclops. Up to this point, all Leo has done is fix Festus. He hasn't otherwise been important. But then he hotwires three construction vehicles to battle primordial one-eyed monsters. That was pretty impressive. And while I still don't like him as a character (nor will I ever) he did earn some respect point there.


Next monster. Or mortal. Medea. A sorceress. This is on of the reasons that I hate it went people claim that Piper is useless. She literally saves the world without picking up a weapon in this scene. She talks Medea out of her control over Jason and Leo. And she keeps Leo and Jason from killing each other at the sane time. And she doesn't even use Katoptris during all of this. If it had been anyone else, all three of them would have died and Gaia would have risen. So, the next time that you think Piper is unimportant, remember her battle of words with Medea.


Next mortal. Minos. The person with the gold touch. I actually liked that Riordan decided to bring him into the story. He has an interesting mythological story, being able to turn anything to golf on touch, and I was interested to see how Riordan would implement him. Of course, he almost killed them all but I still liked the general scene. And Jason blowing everything up with lightning. That was pretty fun.

Now, while this is hurting my stance on the subject of Piper, I do agree that she gets injured a little often. Broken ankle in Detroit. Hypothermia in Omaha. Etc. But lets remember, Jason spends half of, The Mark of Athena, unconscious. So lets all calm down.


Now we have a legit monster. Lycaon. The first werewolf. I had actually never heard his story and I was thus disappointed that the Hunters stepped in so quickly. I would have liked to see how Jason and Leo dealt with the wolves.


Speaking of the Hunters. We meet Thalia again. And she is apparently Jason's sister. So we get this long, drawn-out story about how Zeus, or Jupiter, returned to their mother, ended up producing Jason and then how Jason disappeared on some trip they took to a park. While that was all fine and dandy, I hate it when authors give big long stories that aren't important to the story line. This does come up again in, The Son of Neptune.

As to the actual importance of them being related...there is none. I don't think the hunters are going to show up and get into the battle in, The Blood of Olympus, and we don't see them any other time throughout the whole series. So they are really not important at all.


Next. Aeolus. But first, this bridge thing. While walking on it, Leo has a brilliant light bulb moment. Hera referred to Jason as bridge. Leo has the brilliant idea that Jason was a bridge between two places. Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter. Congratulations Leo. A smart comment. Now Aeolus.

I have to admit, I really hate wind gods. They don't do anything. Boreas did nothing. Aeolus really didn't do anything. Only that weird spirit wind woman and Khione were actually important wind related beings. Thankfully, Aeolus did reveal the location of Enceladus. That was helpful.


Now the Giants


First, Enceladus. He is actually an intelligent giant. He had the thought process to lure Piper here with her dad, and attempt ot bait her into joining Gaia with promising her dad's life. That a plan worthy of Athena(which, for those of you who don't know you Greek giants, Enceladus was created as the anti Athena (doesn't that mean he should be dumb??)). Anyway, his plan worked well until Jason decided to attack and Leo and Piper destroyed his earthborn helpers.

Piper and Leo first. There goes Leo fighting with construction machines again. And I just typed that I realized, the possible "crane" on the BOO cover could be something Leo related. Just saying. Anyway, Piper doesn't do anything unbelievable so we'll skip to Jason

So, Jason decides to fight a giant solo. Bad idea Jason. Bad idea. You knew he couldn't be killed with out a god, and there were no gods around. It's a good thing that Jupiter/Zeus decided to send down some lightning for you to use, otherwise you would be toast.


And Porphyrion. The King of Giants. This is the only giant, prior to The Blood of Olympus, that is actually seen but not killed in the book. He escapes right before Juno "goes supernova". Of course, this is after his fight with Jason which doesn't go well for either of them. But we do get some good information from Porphyrion. He confirms that Gaia is rising. He claims the giants will destroy the gods at their roots in Greece. And that he and all of the other giants are rising. Thanks for your master plans, giant. Now we know how to stop them. WHY DO AUTHORS ALWAYS DO THAT!!!!


So. Hera's Cage. That was fun. How exactly do you talk the Earth to sleep. Is that really possible. Because I would like to try (if I could charmspeak that is). And how exactly is it that Leo can break the cage, but the super-powerful Hera can't. This was not one of Riordan's more intellectual scenes. But it was exciting.


As to Gaia; the world is in trouble. The Earth Mother is not a deity you want to go up against. She is the earth. She can kill you for walking on the ground. Not the gods, not the physical embodiment of Tartarus, not even the Heroes of Olympus can destroy her. She can only slumber. And her sons, the Giants, are as close to impossible to kill as you can get. So its really bad new that she is awakening.


And Porphyrion's comment about destroy the god "at their roots", that doesn't sound like a good thing. It sounds like, to do so, would destroy the gods forever. Plus, no demigods live in Greece or the European continent. The flame of the west is in America. The gods aren't residing in Europe, so they probably won't be as much help. Yep, the world is definitely in trouble.


That only leaves two things. One, the clarification that there is a roman camp. AS I SUSPECTED. Jason is not Greek, he is Roman. He came from a camp of Roman demigods. Chiron claims that the civil war was fought between the two children of the gods, and they were separated after that. That's why demigods aren't supposed to go to California. Because the Roman camp is there.


And that's where Percy Jackson is. Hera switched him and Jason. Jason came to Camp Half-Blood. And Percy went to Camp Jupiter. They were the exchange. They are the bridge. The bridge to unite the camps. The leaders of the Heroes of Olympus.