Ranger's Apprentice: The Lost Stories


Follow the Ranger's and their friends through nine more tales of adventure throughout the country of Araluen.







This was by far the worst book in the series. I didn't find any of the stories particularly interesting and none really had any affect on the last book in the series, with the exception of the two wedding stories.

The convoluted plot line and Ranger thinking really weren't present in any of the stories (except for in Gilan v Foldar and Horace-Cassandra's wedding). I feel like this was one of the reasons I didn't enjoy this book.

But even beyond that, it was because the stories had no connection to the rest of the series. I know they were written just to kind of wrap up reader questions and close down some plotlines, but he could have the majority of that in a feature length real book. Not these nine un-interesing stories.

If you have read the reviews on Amazon of this book, or the Royal Ranger, be warned, do not stop here. While stopping here gives the Rangers Apprentice story a happy ending, the plot of the next book is important to the story line. For more info see my review of The Royal Ranger.


This was the only skippable book in the series, and while I don't commend skipping books in the series, no important information is presented in it. So continue on in the series with the final book, The Royal Ranger.