Percy Jackson + The Kane Chronicles Crossovers: The Staff of Serapis


Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, just wants to catch a train to her boyfriend's apartment. But when a two headed lion-wolf with a crab shell traunces through a New York subwaystation, she has no choice but to follow.

But this monster is like nothing Annabeth has ever seen before. It does not seem to care about her (which, for a demigod, is exceptionally odd) and she has no memory or knowledge of what it is. And the mystery deepens when a light-haired british girl, named Sadie Kane, catches the monster using a staff and glowing Egyptian Heiroglyphs.

Together, Annabeth and Sadie must combine the forces of Greece and Egypt to defeat this monster, and the master who whishes to use it to destroy the soul of the gods; both Greek and Egyptian.








This is Riordan's second crossover story that combines the charcaters of his world-wide bestselling series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and his lesser known, The Kane Chronicles. I felt that this story was much better written the first, The Son of Sobek. In, The Son of Sobek, it seemed liek Riordan attempted to combine his series but didn't exactly how to do it. Regardless, he still did a pretty good job of it. But in this one, Riordan wrote like he knew exactly what he was doing and he wanted to go with it.

I am going to skip the extended synopsis, because really, only the very end of the story was important. At the end of the story, when both Annabeth and Sadie had their extended conversations with Serapis. The Greek-Egyptian god revealed that he was planning to become the king of the gods, both Greek and Egyptian. It was also semi-revealed that the mastermind behind this setup is the Egyptian goddess, Setne (who Carter and Sadie released in The Kane Chronicles).

I think that we have seen the beginning of a series with, The Staff of Serapis. Whether he continues to make them short stories all strung together into a large plotline or turns them into a full series with Son of Sobek and Staff of Serapis as Preludes, is up in the air. Especially with the confirmed release of his Norse Series next year. I personally hope he does a full trilogy, like with Kane Chronicles, and release one of these, and one Norse a year. A lot like how he operated with the Heroes of Olympus and Kane Chronicles Series. The series itself could become incredbly interesting with the combined mythologies and common god, and we all know what Riordan can do with his stories, so we going to have to wait and see.


Hopefully not too long though.